Judo for students

On Tuesday evenings, 7 – 8 PM, special training is given in the dojo in Lunetten for young adults and students aged 15 to 26 years. In addition to agility, strength and condition, many randori training courses are given and the techniques are further refined for the 1st dan exam or higher.

Kata training

For the judokas who want to further refine their techniques, there is a special kata training on Tuesday evening, from 9 PM. This is done under the expert guidance of Joop Mackaay (7th dan) and Henny Stomphorst (5th dan).

Competition training

In addition to the regular training, you can also train free of charge with the competition training on Friday evening in Lunetten, 7:30 – 8:30 PM. In this competition training, the learned techniques are applied in specific competition situations and extra practice fights (randoris) are held. Due to this training, the judokas are better prepared for participation in competitions. In addition, Judo Ryu Mackaay participates in Top Judo Utrecht. This foundation offers extra training facilities, support and guidance to talented judokas from various associations in the region in order to bring judo in Utrecht and the surrounding area to a higher level. There are costs associated with this. Participation in TJU takes place after consultation with the trainer. See also: www.topjudoutrecht.nl

Come by to see or participate in a trial lesson and become a member. The first four lessons are free! More information: ledenadministratie@judomackaay.nl